A story that is meaningful, sets it apart, makes it immediately 

recognisable and creates an emotional connect. Some just haven't found the right words or the right narrative to express themselves. We believe all stories deserves to be told. This is our humble start towards your narration.

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Atelier CF, is a studio specialising in creating a personality for your brand. We work with awesomely talented and creative people to ensure your brand is heard and seen by the people that matter. 

Whatever the format maybe, our focus is to create experiences and brand worlds that convey emotions and feelings, that makes communication a successful exchange with the final customer.


We got AtelierCF on board about two years ago and since then we have been extremely happy with the partnership and we now enter into our third year of achieving great things together.


Being in Communications for over 18 years, I have seen how the industry has shifted from being unidirectional to multidirectional. Information overflow and limited attention span of the audience, coupled with a powerful medium like Social Media, have changed the paradigm of Communications in its entirety. It is therefore important to make this dialogue interesting and relevant for all our stakeholders. The Team at AtelierCF has aptitude to understand this need. Juhi and her team are key implementation partners for our Communications Strategy . Together we have crafted campaigns which have received a lot of appreciation. Her team’s timeliness and credibility has also served as a baseline to cement this working relationship. Thank you team for your dedication and work but most importantly your attitude. All the best!

Priyanka Tanwar

(Vice President and Head of Public Affairs, Asia Pacific, LIXIL International)

If you are a start up developing your brand, or an organisation with a specific campaign give us a shout out. We would also love to hear from like minded folks for collaboration over projects.    
Tel: +91 9717000547
Email: info@ateliercf.in
161, Sector 27, Off Galleria Road
Gurugram, Haryana 122009

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